A dandelion puff in the rain, with a buttercup in the background:


Gray Hairstreak

A little, fast-moving butterfly from my area:

Forest racer

A snake from Costa Rica:

Sorry if they scare you – this one was quite slow-moving, and not venomous. “Forest racer” is an approximate identification…


A garden flower:


A flower that isn’t an extreme closeup for a change…


The center of a common buttercup:

Geranium petal

An extreme closeup of a geranium petal:

It’s a hybrid of the wild geranium, Geranium maculatum. Just indulging myself in the wild colors of this flower…

Eyelash viper

More wildlife from Costa Rica:

It’s perched on a heliconia flower. Not as cute as a frog, and not something you should get close to, but they are beautiful. This one was quite small. On this trip I learned that there are many color variations of this eyelash viper species – green, yellow, yellow/brown, and many more.

Rainforest frog

A Strawberry Poison Dart frog on a tree root:

Taken on my trip to Costa Rica last month.

Pollen drop

A drop on a leaf, with floating pollen at the top:

Here’s the story: it started to shower, and I noticed a plant that had rows of shiny droplets, each with a bit of white at the top. At first I thought the white was reflected light from the sky. At high magnification, I could see that the white was specks of pollen that had floated to the top of the drop. As rain entered and enlarged the drop, the contents of the drop swirled like a shaken snow globe. The pollen (and other stuff in the drop) was constantly in motion, sometimes shifting slightly, sometimes a chaotic whirl. The darker areas are the reflected trees nearby.

I went back after the rain, and the drops were mostly gone. This sight was only visible while the rain was falling.


Grape hyacinth

A closeup of a grape hyacinth taken from above:


Not, it’s not from Costa Rica – taken just before I left, and neglected as I was getting ready for the trip…