Floral abstract (II)

Another view of the same flower from a previous post:


Wood lilies

A bunch of wood lilies on a sunny day:

Not the kind of light I prefer, but the colors were so vivid…

Floral abstract

A small petunia-like garden flower at high magnification:

A kind of image I love to do – abstraction was on my mind after reading an essay about Georgia O’Keeffe at The Task at Hand.

The fifth cascade

Another cascade from the Cataract Trail near Mt Tamalpais in California:

As I went down shady canyon, there were lots of opportunities in nice light,  but the sun got too bright for photography after a while. And the end, I found this spot that still had enough soft light for an image. Then I had to trudge (wheeze) back up the steep trail.

Drop abstract

A row of drops on a leaf, but the light and the high magnification I used created an unusual look:

I have no idea why the row of drops alternate between bright and dark. The band in the large bright drop looks like a planet (Jupiter?).


A big plant that has small clusters of bell-shaped flowers:

After the rain

A little gallery of flowers bent over after the rain – a wood poppy, a starflower, and a pair of bluets:


Starflower blooms in masses on the forest floor, deep in the shade. I’ve done many closeups of single flowers that bring out the tiny bright anthers in the center, but groups of them look beautiful as well:


From a lovely wildflower area, the same place where I found the columbines in the last post:


It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen lupine – their tall stems stand out from the other flowers in a glorious way.


Columbine in green horsetail moss: