Garden pink

An extreme closeup of a pink garden flower from this summer:


Floating leaves

Beech leaves floating in a brook, with ripples from raindrops that came though the canopy:

Click an image to view it in a larger size. I’ve photographed floating leaves a number of times, but the raindrops and the soft shimmer of light coming though the leaves from above gave this set very different look. The water surface was constantly changing.

Burdock flower

Burdock flowers take on an unusual look at high magnification:_55A9581-2-thistle2

The pink florets have a ghostly look, the striped anthers contrast with the light flower center.

Spirit Falls

A beautiful fall day at Jacobs Hill in Royalston, the site for Spirit Falls:


The water flow was low, but that meant I had access to ledges and areas that are often flooded.

All green

Another small gallery. These feature drops – in and out of focus – and blades of grass:

The idea was to combine the specular highlights, grass lines, and a sharp drop.

All blue

A small gallery of blue flowers:

Click an image to view it in a larger size.

Green Lacewing

A green lacewing that I found in a field of foxtails:

Though they look delicate, lacewings are predators. The larvae eat aphids, and this adult was foraging for tiny insects – it found one as I watched.

Drop curve

A curving line of drops on a columbine leaf:

You can see trees and the sun reflected in the drop surface. Taken in soft late afternoon light.

Petal surface II

Another view of a flower from a recent post, at a different angle, one that shows what those bright dots are:

Spotted cucumber beetle

After a bunch of abstracts of flowers, back to something more familiar:

The spotted cucumber beetle is on tansy, a composite flower like a daisy that has no rays (petals). Makes a nice yellow setting for the bug.