Mertensia virginica

Another kind of bluebell, this one is a wildflower:



Garden bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica) from California:

The third cascade

Another section of the Cataract Trail at Mt Tamalpais:

The fourth cascade

I’ve just come back from a trip to California, including a hike down the Cataract Trail on the west side of Mt Tamalpais. It had just rained, and the flow of water was glorious:

There’s seemingly another cascade at each turn of the trail. This isn’t really the fourth one, but it is the fourth one I photographed.

Crocus (II)

Another view of petal patterns seen through a drop on the flower:




Taking a picture of one of my garden crocuses is a spring ritual, here’s this year’s version:

Beech bud

A bud from a beech sapling:

Still dreaming about spring – it’s mild, but we had another snow flurry today.

British soldier lichen

There are a few colorful things around before spring comes – here’s one, the lichen Cladonia cristatella, common name British soldier lichen:

There are very small, found on the ground in dry areas.

Water patterns

A riffle in a stream:

The riffle was just before a small cascade – the intersecting ripples caught my eye.

Kiln Brook

Kiln Brook is a stream that runs though a stand of beech woods not far from me:

We’ve had a few days of mild weather, but a foot of snow may fall in a few days…