I’ve been out in the cold chasing snowflakes:


I stood with a high magnification lens on a tripod, waiting for flakes to fall on a dark oak leaf I set out. A few times a beautiful intact flake fell and then the wind blew the leaf – I stuck the leaf in the snow. I ended up almost as cold as the flakes by the time I was done. Brr.

Happy Holidays! Those of you in the northern hemisphere, get out and enjoy the winter – it’s beautiful out there.

10 thoughts on “Snowflakes

  1. wow! i can’t wait to show this to my husband who will be so envious he will be outside in our snow hoping to capture something similar! this is pretty amazing.

  2. I am really curious at what your “high magnification lens” is here Tom. Don’t think i could get something this close with my macro + all my tubes + a reversed lens. 🙂

  3. Hi Mark – I used the Canon MP-E 65, an unusual lens that goes from 1x to 5x, but doesn’t focus to infinity. It basically has a built-in bellows. When you focus at 1x, it’s a short focal length lens. To get higher magnfications, you turn a zoom-like collar that racks out the bellows tube, lengthening the whole lens. It lengthens by around five inches.

    As you rack out the lens, you have to pull the camera body back; the front of the lens is a bit closer to the subject. You have to have a focus rail or long lens plate to use it.

    I can get closer with it than I can with a reversed lens. Racked out, it uses a lot of light.

  4. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog, as well as the kind comment. I am delighted to have discovered YOUR blog and will certainly return from time to time to view your interesting work.

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