Yellowing leaves

This is a roadside plant I found in October, with foliage like a carrot plant, greenish and fading to yellow. The shape was too attractive for me to pass by without making an image of it:


Peppervine fruit

Peppervine is a plant in the grape family, common in the wild, but it’s not a native plant. The leaves look like grape leaves, but the fruit has very unusual colors – blue, purple, and sometimes pink berries, with different colors in each cluster.


Seeds and filaments

A collection of fall subjects – grass seeds, foxtails, milkweed seeds and floss, and the star-like filaments of a composite (daisy family) seed head.

Seaside Painted Cup

A selective focus portrait of a dune wildflower (Castilleja latifolia) from a trip to California this summer.


Tansy is an unusual flower – it’s in the daisy family, but it has no petals, just the flower center. The drop and the patterns were what caught me eye:


The center is about a quarter inch across; this was taken at 4 to 5x magnification – about as close as I can get.

Heath asters

Another fall flower. This aster variety blooms in profusion along its stems. This images tries to capture the density of all those blooms, the morning light, and dew. From the same dewy morning as the last post:



Post 351 – hard to believe!


Dewy New England Aster

Another look at this flower, this time looking down into a partially open bud. New England Aster  ranges from pinkish to purple, this dewy bud was more purple that the last post:


New England Aster

Another fall aster extreme closeup, a more colorful species this time:


White aster

By September in my area, the goldenrod is mostly out of bloom, and many species of aster dominate the meadow. Here’s an extreme closeup of a white aster species; the shape of the anther caught my eye:


Milkweed floss

Milkweed floss is the hair-like filament attached to a milkweed seed. These three images are of  open milkweed pods. Once I got close enough, there was a spot at the center of each pod that was all floss, no seed or pod visible.

They remind me of flowing water. I converted two of them to black and white, color was almost absent…


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