A closeup of a scabiosa, also called pincushion flower:



A closeup of a bamboo plant from the Mt. Arenal area in Costa Rica. One section was green, another was red – I though the color contrast would make a good abstract:


Iridescent (II)

A view from above of another dogbane beetle, on the same rainy morning as the last post:




It’s time for dogbane beetles again. A cloudy, rainy morning recently was perfect for photographing these beautiful, iridescent insects:


Time for me to revise my notes on finding dogbane beetles. I wrote a few years back that towards the end of the summer is the best time to look. I’m now finding them reliably when the dogbane starts blooming, towards the end of June to the beginning of July. Last year, my first sighting June 26th, this year it was July 3rd.

Spiderwort filaments

I’ve used these strands before, but this is a paler spiderwort color, a lilac hue, not the more common dark purple:


Taken at high magnification, around 5x.

The rainforest

I’m still absorbing my visit to the rainforest – the diversity of life, the lush forests, the beauty at every turn. Here are just a few views of the rain forest, all from rainforest uplands not far from Mt Arenal – click an image to see them in a larger size:

Eyelash viper (II)

Another perspective on the Costa Rican yellow eyelash viper from an earlier post:_MG_0502-2-eyelash-viper

Parrot snake

Another wildlife image from the Costa Rica trip:


Very pretty, and not venomous, unlike the eyelash viper.

Going to seed

There are nature subjects that I go back to, again and again. Dandelions are one of these, the flowers, the petals, groups of flowers, and the transformation into the elegant and rhythmic clusters of seeds. The seed clusters go through their own transformations of rearrangement and dispersal.

This set tells a visual story around the seeds and what happens to them.

The seed in the last image looks like it’s in flight, but it’s actually stillĀ  tethered (conveniently for me) by a few strands to the cluster. It was blowing around a bit, but it came back to positions like this one.

More images from Costa Rica to come…



Another red-eyed tree frog

Yet another image from the rainforest in Costa Rica – in this case, near the Sarapiqui River:




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