Crocus, again

Another view of a different bloom:



A closeup from this spring. I love crocuses, but I wish I didn’t have to wait a week or two for wildflowers to start blooming…


The last of winter

The crocuses are blooming in my yard, it’s really spring. After long, cold winter, I collected quite a number of ice images – here’s a selection, as a farewell to winter. Click a thumbnail to see larger sizes:

Two of these are lower contrast, without the hard blacks the others have. The lower contrast look was something I haven’t tried much before with ice crystals – it’s suggestive and indefinite.

Yellow and green (II)

Another take on the same type of flower as the last post:


A bit closer, and a more minimalist composition in this image.

Green and yellow

A look inside a greenhouse flower. With a fairly high magnification, I was able to find this composition of the bright green pistil and three anthers:



Another visit to the greenhouse this weekend – winter is wearing on me. There were several azaleas blooming vividly. Here’s a trip to the flower center, showing the tip of a pistil:


Grape Hyacinths

Today I saw a first spring flower – a single tiny witch hazel flower, too high up for an image. It seemed a bit premature since there is still a foot of snow on the ground in many places.

So here are a few more greenhouse flowers – these were leaning at a steep angle into the sun:


More blue

Here’s another desert bluebell up close – a big dose of blue with a bit of white:


Desert Bluebell

Winter can have glorious color – sunsets with contrasting blue and red – but otherwise, black, white, and brown predominate. When it starts getting to me, I give in and go to a greenhouse for color and flowers. This time I went to the greenhouses at Wellesley College.


There were quite a few pots of this flower; one was labeled “Sonoran wildflower”. My guess is that it’s Phacelia campanularia, Desert bluebell. I have a followup image for this one, much closer, that I’ll post soon. Some year I’ll make it to the desert to see these in the field…

Winter cascade

A small cascade in my favorite creek – the varying seasons and amount of water flow make it look different every time:



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