Point Lobos

I’ve always loved Edward Weston’s photographs of Point Lobos, both the seascapes and the closeups. My hope for this recent visit to Point Lobos was to do rock and Monterey cypress closeups, but the cypress area was crowded, so I went to other areas further down the Point. Here are a few samples of what I saw, mostly abstracts, with one seascape – all in black and white, since I’m thinking of Weston.

Tassel flower bud

Hard to resist the rich color of this tiny flower; this one hasn’t opened yet:


Orange tassel flower

A heirloom variety of garden flower – the colors caught my eye:


Beach verbena

I’m just back from a visit to the California coast. Here’s a dune wildflower, purple beach verbena, from Asilomar in Pacific Grove:



It’s the green season – for a while at least, since summer is starting to wane. This gallery celebrates summer green with abstracts of patterns, shapes, and a single green creature.


A closeup of the center of a purple coneflower:



A closeup of a scabiosa, also called pincushion flower:



A closeup of a bamboo plant from the Mt. Arenal area in Costa Rica. One section was green, another was red – I though the color contrast would make a good abstract:


Iridescent (II)

A view from above of another dogbane beetle, on the same rainy morning as the last post:




It’s time for dogbane beetles again. A cloudy, rainy morning recently was perfect for photographing these beautiful, iridescent insects:


Time for me to revise my notes on finding dogbane beetles. I wrote a few years back that towards the end of the summer is the best time to look. I’m now finding them reliably when the dogbane starts blooming, towards the end of June to the beginning of July. Last year, my first sighting June 26th, this year it was July 3rd.


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