Leaf study

It’s the black-brown-and-white season for macro. Here’s a leafy subject with a couple of “skeletonized” patches, parts eaten by a moth or fly larva.



Color contrasts

The last post was about subtle and unexpected shapes and designs. This one is about bold and contrasting colors:

The six images show the main complementary color pairs: orange/blue, red/green, and yellow/purple. The subjects are plants, either flowers or foliage. The mosaic of thumbnails is great for showing the color contrasts – you’ve seen some of these images in previous posts, but not in this combination.

Black and white abstracts

In a photograph, you can transform the familiar into another thing entirely. Converting them to black and white completes the transformation of a natural pattern into a design.

I’ve posted a number of these before, but I thought they’d make an interesting collection together:

  • Geometrical ice abstract – Stream ice that made a pattern of crossing lines and triangles.
  • Drop zigzag – Drops on a spiderweb at an inclined angle and high magnification
  • Leaf mosaic – Dark and light patterns on a fall leaf
  • Mullein stars – A common leafy plant with fuzzy leaves; the fuzz resolves to stars at high magnification
  • Floss – Flowing strands of milkweed floss
  • Aster pattern – The out-of-focus strands of an aster seed head, a small dandelion-like flower
  • Ice cells – A pattern in melting ice

Grass and frost

Another frosty image from the same cold morning as the last post:_MG_3722-2-grass-frost


Frost crystals on leaves

Frost on leaves in a shallow stream:


It had been a cold night, well below freezing, so I went out hoping to see this shallow stream frozen. At a glance, I could see it was still flowing. So I found some nice looking crystals in pockets and holes near the stream instead. Then I looked back at the stream more closely and found more crystals growing on the leaves – I had just a few minutes before the sun made them disappear.

Yellowing leaves

This is a roadside plant I found in October, with foliage like a carrot plant, greenish and fading to yellow. The shape was too attractive for me to pass by without making an image of it:


Peppervine fruit

Peppervine is a plant in the grape family, common in the wild, but it’s not a native plant. The leaves look like grape leaves, but the fruit has very unusual colors – blue, purple, and sometimes pink berries, with different colors in each cluster.


Seeds and filaments

A collection of fall subjects – grass seeds, foxtails, milkweed seeds and floss, and the star-like filaments of a composite (daisy family) seed head.

Seaside Painted Cup

A selective focus portrait of a dune wildflower (Castilleja latifolia) from a trip to California this summer.


Tansy is an unusual flower – it’s in the daisy family, but it has no petals, just the flower center. The drop and the patterns were what caught me eye:


The center is about a quarter inch across; this was taken at 4 to 5x magnification – about as close as I can get.


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