Flax-leaved Aster

Two views of a blue fall aster:

I’ve photographed this aster before, it’s a perennial in a field not far from the Sudbury River that I’ve visited many times. As you walk by and look down, the beautiful blue shines up from the fading grasses. It’s almost the only flower in the field now, just a little goldenrod and heath aster. I think I’ve finally identified it properly, Ionactis linariifolia.


11 thoughts on “Flax-leaved Aster

  1. I’ve never heard of Ionactis linariifolia or even of the genus Ionactis for an aster. Live and learn. I’m sorry most of your wildflowers have already disappeared for the season. That’s what latitude does.

  2. It’s a new genus to me as well. Taxonomists are big into new Genera. I used the name from gobotany.nativeplanttrust.com. The field was bare of other flowers, but elsewhere there are still flowers blooming.

  3. It’s a beautiful aster. I like the pairing of the photos; each has a distinct feel to it. I’d never heard of the genus, but I see it creeps into far, far east Texas from Louisiana. Looking at those leaves, I dug into my files to do a little comparing. I have photos of a purple aster from that area that I’ve never been able to identify. It would be a hoot if it turns out to be this one.

    • It was wonderful to find these, along with some New England aster and New England blazing star that I saw the next day in a different location.
      The leaves are pretty distinctive, alternating, and perpendicular to the stem. Thanks for the kind words!

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